Introducing Your Teachers

Josie and Tracey - Zen Aerial Yoga Instructors

Flying tree pose

Tracey & Josie are both certified Yoga and Pilates instructors with decades of teaching experience between them.

Passionate about both Yoga and Pilates, Aerial Yoga was a natural progression for them and they both jumped at the chance to apply for the teacher training course when it became available.

They were 2 of a limited number accepted into the teacher training course based on their resumes and previous Yoga and Pilates backgrounds.

Throughout the intense 4 days of training they attended, Tracey and Josie found themselves often partnering each other and soon realized they lived in the same area. Because of this, and the friendship they’d formed during training, they began to dedicate time to progressing their skills together using their extensive Yoga and Pilates knowledge and experience.

Zen Aerial Yoga has grown from initially spending one day a week teaching each other and working together to refine and adapt traditional Yoga poses to the silks, to teaching novice students on a one-to-one basis to hone their teaching skills.

After months of work, Tracey and Josie have launched Zen Aerial Yoga, providing safe, effective, fun, unique and enjoyable classes and workshops. They are dedicated to giving you a safe and fun experience and having both of them ‘team teaching’ when class numbers reach a certain number, allows for the safest possible class.  It allows them to demonstrate inversions from both front view and back view and one or both of them are able to assist the participants in and out of inversions and postures.

It’s all about enjoying your experience with two of the most passionate teachers in the Lismore and Byron Shire regions.

We look forward to giving you an exhilarating experience!

Tracey and Josie