What People Are Saying

“This is yoga with a difference.  Working with a hammock not only provides essential support for sensitive spines but also extends the range of movement and postures.  Aided by two fantastic teachers Josie & Tracey – always attentive, sincere but not too serious.”

“Very Safety Conscious”



“I felt so amazing after the class, I would definitely recommend it”

“Aerial Yoga is another positive in a raft of life changing moves in my life.”
“Your caring instructions and methods are just what I need, and you should be proud to provide a serviced which at worst is a great healthy routine, and at best a life changing experience for some.”


“Fun, Challenging, Something different”

“Felt safe and supported”

“Absolutely loved the experience”

“Instructors were extremely helpful and supportive to beginners”

“As a sufferer of chronic back pain, I have tried everything under the sun to get relief.  Aerial Yoga has given me true lasting relief for the first time in years. And it’s FUN!  Thanks Tracey & Josie!”

“Lots of fun and also relaxing”

“Great support throughout”

“Both Tracey & Josie were positive, supportive, enthusiastic & provided step by step direction in an encouraging manner”

“Fabulous, terrific and very much enjoyed and supported throughout class”

“The 2 hour workshop is awesome”


“Felt like I was floating for hours after the class”

“It was so much fun….My new favourite exercise class”