About A Zen Aerial Yoga Class.

Legs Up The WallYoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, and that is especially true of Zen Aerial Yoga. You will turn upside, spin and the silk sling will at times put pressure on your abdomen.

As with all classes, you must tell your instructor if you are pregnant, as certain poses, particularly inversions, will not be appropriate.

*Please wear ¾ or long pants and a top with sleeves (T-shirt) to reduce rubbing/pulling of the skin against the silk fabric. Please ensure there are no zips or metal which can catch the fabric.

*Remove all jewellery as this can damage the soft fabric of the silks.

*You should ideally arrive 5-10 minutes before class as the teachers will need to assess every student and adjust the silk sling accordingly before the class can begin.

* All mobile phones must be turned off or to silent each class to gain full benefits of relaxation.

*Inversions will decompress your spine and MAY give relief from sciatica and some forms of compression of scoliosis.

Please note:                                                                                                                   The inversions (upside-down poses) in Zen Aerial Yoga are not suitable for people with certain medical conditions and you must tell the teachers if you are pregnant, have heart disease, glaucoma, very high/low blood pressure, or have had recent surgery. Please monitor your resistance throughout the class and see a doctor if you are not sure.

There are some poses where the silk sling can put pressure on certain parts of your body, such as your hips in forward folds. This may cause a little discomfort to begin with but your body will quickly adapt and feel the benefits of that pressure, which can help with lymphatic drainage.

Your hand strength will be challenged in certain poses, which require you to grip the fabric firmly.

After doing your first inversion, please note you will be more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol so we advise you to keep well hydrated with water.  We offer drink breaks throughout the class/workshop.

As always with yoga, coming prepared to explore new things with a sense of humour and a willingness to experiment goes a long way to making Zen Aerial Yoga fun, invigorating and relaxing. You won’t know just how great it is until you try it!

Important Information

Spaces are limited so please use our contact form or email or call to book classes/workshops.  We require a $15 deposit to secure a place (this is non-refundable if cancellation is within 48 hours of the class/workshop).

                 Bookings are essential

                 Josie 0415 178 728 or Tracey 0406 687 488

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